Become A Volunteer at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center

February 20, 2017

The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC), located at 321 South William Street in the City of Newburgh, is a not-for-profit organization where youth from the City of Newburgh can come together and experience important lessons that will help them to grow into responsible and productive adults and citizens.


NAUC provides a diversity of educational, athletic and personal development programs, in partnership with other community organizations, while promoting civic unity among people of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds and conditions.


The NAUC Saturday Morning Enrichment Program offers free classes for children in grades K through 6th. Nearly 100 children participate each week in enriching educational experiences focused on reading, art, math, science, engineering, gardening and the performing arts. A full list of our current Saturday Morning classes can be found on the opposite side of this paper.


This program, along with many others at NAUC, would not be possible without the help of volunteers. We are continually searching for volunteers who have an interest in supporting and making a tremendous difference in the lives of the youth of our community. Some NAUC volunteer opportunities include:


  • Greeters: Welcome visitors to our Center, gather information about our visitors and inform guests of activities which are available.
  • Activity Leaders and Teacher Assistants: Provide encouragement and positive feedback for youth in the activities to promote their continued participation and growth.
  • Coaches: Individuals with skills in various sporting activities who have a desire to become instructors and help our youth to learn and improve in a sport of their choice.
  •  Reading Club: Assist youth in selecting and signing-out books from the lending library and maintaining the organization of the library.


If you are interested in volunteering during the Saturday Morning Enrichment Program, or are interested in learning about additional ways you can get involved at the Newburgh Armory, please contact Lissette Martinez, Director of Operations, at 845-245-4035 or email us at