The Chris Hawkins Field

This 23,600 square foot indoor turf field is one of the best in the Hudson Valley. Located in Newburgh N.Y., it is within two miles of the major highways interchanges I-84 and I-87. Elite soccer travel teams, goalkeeper programs and coach programs, will find the field to be ideal turf. The field is suitable for lacrosse, flag football, baseball and softball practice, track practice, and more.
Outside Field and Grounds
Chris Hakwins Field Outdoor View

The Newburgh Armory Unity Center sits on 12.1 acres of land in the west-end of the City, providing for parking, outdoor sport fields and a community garden that has potential to become an urban farm. Film production companies in need of ample, protected parking to set up a base camp for production trucks, make-up trailers, wardrobe trailers & generators as well as trucks for grip, electric, prop, camera, set dressing & stakebeds will find our secure, lit, and fenced property an affordable option. Since we are an official NY State Production facility, (as designated by the state of New York's Film Division) your production may qualify for NY State tax incentives.
Newburgh Armory Basketball Court

The Gymnasium is a full court, capable of housing not just basketball, but many other sports, such as Karate, Wrestling, and Boxing, as well as various events , job fairs, and conferences.
Conference Rooms and Computer Labs
Newburgh Armory Computer Class

A section of the Newburgh Armory has been converted into rooms which are used as classrooms or conference rooms. Some rooms feature computers. All are rentable.
Please note that NAUC is under construction, some rooms are either unavailable for rent or have limited availability. Please contact our Building Manager for more information.
The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC) is committed to bringing to this neighborhood-based community center a wide selection of programs for children and adults.
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