Saturday Morning Enrichment Program

Dare to be a Wild Reader
Newburgh Free Library
Play, Grow, and Learn

Arts and Humanities

Art Works
Dance to the Beat of the Street
“I.AM.L.I.T” Leadership in Training
Introduction to Acting
Introduction to Guitar

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math

Chessmates – Wednesday Knight Chess
Coding with Drones
Coding Circuits with Arduino
Code HS 2
Financial Literacy for Kids!
Get Inspired with iPads
Graphic Design
Kitchen Chemistry
Lego Mindstorms 2
Math Counts
Newburgh Engineers
Nutrition Garden Detectives
Photography-Shooting/Computer (Adv.)
Powerful Photography (Beg.)
Scholars in Scrubs
Sewing is Sensational (Beg.)
Tuskegee Airmen Youth Flying (Adv.)
Tuskegee Airmen Youth Flying (Beg.)

Physical Education

Basketball Skills & Drills
Play, Learn, and Grow Sports
Zen Martial Arts Karate

Adult Education
English as a New Language
Looming Club
Computer Basics