Prosperity Through Education

The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC) has been changing young lives since 2010. We provide free educational programming from literacy classes to career path exploration, all aimed at ending poverty and eliminating the need for educational remediation.

During our signature Saturday Morning Enrichment Program, children in pre-k through sixth grade participate in reading, writing, math, engineering, natural science, computer science, health and wellness, and the arts with the goal of developing scholastic ability, life skills, and emotional intelligence.

The NAUC also offers sports programming to provide skills and increase development, as well as to introduce leadership skills and team building. NAUC operates 52 weeks per year, to ensure that children and their families always have a place to learn, enjoy themselves, and be a part of a community.

Library Boy

Founded and spearheaded by businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist William Kaplan, the NAUC is a place where community members of all ages come together for education, athletic, and civic opportunities, to engage with others, and advance our community. The Center aims to be an effective agent of change that embodies and promotes civic unity among people of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds and conditions.

In addition to our own programming, NAUC provides facilities for other volunteer groups and organizations that might need the resources that our facility offers. NAUC enables participating organizations to conduct their own programs with their own expertise, and collaborates with other programs, for the benefit of the community.

NAUC is self-supporting. Functioning under a unique financial model, we earn income from rental of our facilities which, in turn, fund our public programs. Grants support our capital expenditures and we welcome sponsorships and donations. Most important to our success are our volunteers – from introducing new programs to assisting in our classrooms and maintaining our facilities, volunteers drive everything we do.

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