Our Mission

Mission Girls
The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC) was created in response to the specific needs of the residents of the City of Newburgh and the students of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District.
It is a place where community members of all ages may come together for educational, athletic and civic opportunities, in order to engage with others and advance our community.
The Center aims to be an effective agent of change that will embody and promote civic unity among people of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds and conditions.

NAUC has two primary areas of focus in education:

  1. Programs preschool – grade six reading, health and wellness and athletics.
  2. Programs leading to naturalization including English as a Second Language, GED, computer usage, and preparation for citizenship.
The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC) is an organization and facility that fosters collaborative relationships including opportunities in education, health and wellness and athletics.
The Newburgh Armory provides a new paradigm for a not-for-profit incubator, building a culture of excellence and service within the mission of NAUC.
NAUC provides a facility for other organizations and volunteer groups that might need the resources that our facility offers. NAUC enables participating organizations to conduct their own programs with their own expertise, and collaborates with other programs, for the benefit of the community. Following this concept the facility operates with low overhead.
NAUC is self-supporting and not dependent on Federal, State, County or City grants for operating expenses. Operating with a unique financial model, NAUC aims for income from rental and various events of the indoor field to support public programs. NAUC does require grants for capital expenditures and welcomes private sponsorships for– its programs.